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Renewable Energy for Jyamire School, Nepal – 2015

Many rural regions of Nepal do not have access to grid electricity. For schools, this requires forgoing access to modern technologies or running diesel generators to supply electricity for lighting and computers for a few hours a day. These practices come with large environmental and economical costs to rural villages and means students are often excluded from accessing modern technologies that have become so vital to global participation.

Solar panelling provides schools with a cost-efficient, environmentally safe alternative to supplying power, enabling students to utilise computers, digital cameras and tablets to advance their education and future prospects. Through education, girls are also awarded the opportunity to go to university and pursue careers, where they may otherwise only have the option of marrying through arranged marriage practices.

We fundraised just over $7100 and partnered with local organisation, the Himalayan Light Foundation, to deliver a solar array to a remote school in Jyamire, in the Okhaldhunga District, eastern Nepal. A technician and facilitator from the HLF accompanied us to the village and we were able to assist in the installation of the solar system at the school. Generous donations from individuals and companies back home in Australia meant we were also able to supply the school with three laptops and two digital cameras.

During our stay in Jyamire, we were met with amazing hospitality, staying with a local family in their clay home. We were given a great dose of local culture attending welcoming ceremonies, school dance programs, cultural events and helping our host family with their daily tasks of collecting water and preparing meals. Not to mention a week-long detox from modern luxuries of electricity, running water, motorised transport and sugary foods!

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Chasing the Sun: A Documentary of our Journey

As well as fundraising and organising the trip, we created a 30 minute documentary to record our travels and tell the story of the Himalayan Light Foundation and the villages that they help. We hope you enjoy this video!


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