Sue’s Story


For many women as their family responsibilities expand, being on the frontline is not physically possible. For Sue, with work, family, art and volunteering commitments, a growing business and a thousand demands each day, this was the case. But people’s bodies are not what’s needed the most: for every person locking onto a gate, or chaining themselves to a rail line there are many hundreds of people behind them making that brief piece of civil disobedience happen.

Olivia’s Story


There are different ways to be an environmentalist. Some people do what they can at home to recycle, compost their food waste and use public transportation. Some people are active in their local communities planting trees in reserves, helping native plant nurseries or caring for injured wildlife. And others become advocates.

Nora’s Story


A movement is more than the sum of its parts. Through its numbers it derives a greater strength. This strength might seem to be small in the face of resistance: yet looking back over the successes of social movements in the 20th century, certain moments focussed that strength at a pivotal movement to capture the hearts and minds of larger populations and change history.

Susan’s Story


But, for me, the Adani project is the line in the sand. And I'll tell you, over all these years, when I've been working on projects where they were financially viable, but they were ecologically disastrous. And you know at the time, that it's an uphill battle to try and stop that, if there is money to be made. This project fails on every count.

Lisa’s Story


It feels like the stupidity of it and the resistance to us stopping it is of the same order and magnitude as stupidity about the Gordon below Franklin. See, some of the others haven’t seen just so, extraordinary stupid and corrupt.

Impacting change in Delhi


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