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Climate change activism: what does it look like, and is it successful?

Our team is working on creating a database of the almost 1,000 environmental campaigns undertaken by 500 Australian environmental advocacy groups in 2017. Campaigns will be added progressively, and this database can be used to track campaign characteristics, outcomes and predictors of success.

Get in touch if you would like to be part of this project or use the data for your own research.

Civil Resistance and activism against climate change is strong and vibrant across Australia. We focused on the campaigns run by 83 groups focusing exclusively on climate change to develop this story map. Scroll through the pages to learn where groups are located, what campaigns they are doing, and whether these campaigns are successful.

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Research, Advocacy and Practice

We are a team of researchers and activists using sophisticated research and analysis techniques to drive more effective and efficient environmental advocacy outcomes. Check out our projects and activities below.

This project included the construction of a database of the Australian environmental movement, identifying almost 500 groups active in advocacy across a range of issues, running more than 900 campaigns. This project also included a case study of climate change campaigns, their targets and campaign outcomes.
In-depth interview with 26 environmental campaigners revealed their challenges, rewards and experiences as environmentalists. With over 260 years of environmental campaigning experience from the Franklin to Stop Adani and one hundred campaigns in between, their experiences can help design more effective activism and advocacy practice.
Women on the Frontline is a collection of stories from women who have volunteered to help protect the Galilee Basin in Northern Queensland from coal mining. Read their stories to understand what drives them and why they are prepared to put themselves on the line to protect our climate and our future.

Data and Geospatial Analysis

Using data from 497 Australian environmental group websites we tracked the development of the movement since the earliest group was formed in the late 19th century, to its current day surge of activism on climate change, renewable energy and sustainability issues.

Research undertaken in 2017 identified the key role volunteer leaders play in creating and supporting environmental groups. Yet, volunteer leaders are very hard to find. Participate in this survey designed to identify factors that influence environmental volunteer leaders and share in your networks. Contact us if you would like to receive a project summary when the project is completed.

In 2018-2019 the project team has been awarded a Digital Fellowship to undertake geospatial analysis of the Australian environmental movement. This analysis will help identify any correlations between geospatial characteristics and the activities and outcomes of organisations within the movement. This project involves development of a predictive model for future use by environmental organisations.

Climate change campaigns: an inventory and analysis of campaigns, targets and campaign outcomes. A review of 61 climate change campaigns progressed by 58 climate change advocacy groups in Australia revealed a high success rate, particularly those campaigns targeting businesses and institutions. Contact us for more information.


We undertake research and practice for any environmental groups in Australia. Our research focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental advocacy and environmental volunteer activities. Contact us if you wish to be part of our research projects.


We work with government and non-government agencies, not-for-profit organisations and many amazing individuals, to run projects that contribute to a more sustainable environment.

We raised $5000 for a solar array on a remote Nepalese school. Watch our video here.

We removed invasive weeds from the beautiful and remote Millstream National Park, WA, Australia.

We made a forest in the desert, revegetating the natural creeks and channels of a remote mining town.

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We are helping in the fight to conserve, protect and advocate for the biodiversity that depends on our planet. Get in touch today to learn more about our research.